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UniTimer seamlessly logs and categorizes your time so you can forget about time tracking and focus on what really matters - like providing value to your clients.

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UniTimer helps freelancers, contractors, consultants and others to submit their billable hours with confidence. It’s a web-based time-tracking system with an optional desktop app, which runs seamlessly in the background on your computer.

Our software automatically tracks the time spent on your projects and tasks to help you capture your work hours. It proposes work hour entries that you may have overlooked, providing assurance that you’ll be paid for all your work.

UniTimer removes the headache of remembering what you worked on, so you can focus on being productive.

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With UniTimer, you’ll always have total control of your billable hours. Work hour entries are suggested based on computer activity, and manual time can quickly be added with only a few clicks. Simply log into our webapp to adjust time or to add hours manually.

Do you have meetings, phone calls, and other offline business activities? UniTimer also syncs with Google Calendar, automatically pulling the data from your work schedule.

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Easy, Fast & Automatic Time Tracking
UniTimer makes it easy to register your work hours by displaying your logged work activity in a calendar. Don’t worry about remembering every task - simply log into the web app and confirm the proposed work hour entries.
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Automatic Categorization of Work
Assign keywords to tasks and UniTimer will automatically start organizing them. It only need to categorize a few documents or webpages to understand how you work, so it can propose new work hour entries.
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Google Calendar Integration
UniTimer can also automatically pull data from Google Calendar. Work hour entries are suggested based on your schedule - simply log in to confirm them.
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Total Control of Your Data
Your private computer data is accessible only to you. Use our whitelist/blacklist feature to decide what time is logged and what isn’t - or even delete specific parts of your work history.
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Customizable Reporting and Dashboard
UniTimer comes with comprehensive yet simple reports - in both Excel and PDF formats. We also include an overall dashboard where you can view your most important metrics all in one place.
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Track Your Work Across Platforms
UniTimer is web-based time-tracking solution that works on all the most popular platforms. In addition, our complementary desktop software works for both Mac and PC users.


What exactly is logged by UniTimer?

UniTimer tracks the titles of open windows and web addresses you visit. We use these to automatically categorize your work. Your keystrokes and mouse movements are not logged.

Will my boss or client see everything I do?

Your logged computer data is only accessible by you. Other people on your team will only be able to see the final work hours you enter.

What is a work hour suggestion?

A work hour suggestion is an activity that UniTimer suspects you might want to include on your time sheet. You are free to include these activities on your timesheet or leave them off.

What are work hour suggestions based on?

Work hour suggestions are based on the relevant activity that UniTimer registers while your are using your computer. You can drill down and view the details of the logged activity when evaluating suggestions.

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